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13-Jul-2017 11:14

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When browsing the store, you can click an "i" button for a preview of the songs on the album which will allow a quick listen without going to the actual artist or album page. You can see all the songs, all the lyrics, and lots of photos.You can also Twitter info and post to Facebook about songs you find in the i Tunes Store. a.m.: There are also videos that he says are exclusive to i Tunes LP. It will recommend apps to you based on the apps you already own. a.m.: i Phone OS 3.1 is free for i Phone and i Pod Touch users who have 3.0. Update p.m.: Earlier, it was reported that it would cost i Pod Touch users .95. a.m.: The i Tunes Store also gets a new look, along with improved artists, movies, and TV pages--a "cleaner" layout, Jobs says. "Some of us here are old enough to have bought LPs," Steve says. The Genius playlist technology is now going to work for apps in the App Store. Like Genius Playlists, Genius Mixes is like a DJ that plays mixes of songs that go together from your own library. Also specific photo albums or specific faces from i Photo, and specific movies from i Tunes. Can see what's in all the other authorized computers right from your i Tunes account. We're inside and seated, just waiting for the event to begin. He encourages everyone to be an organ donor, and extends a heartfelt thanks to the Apple community. The recommendations will get better as people say what they like and buy, he says. The update only costs money to those who had not yet upgraded their i Pod Touch to 3.0 or higher. You can get album art, videos, liner notes, credits, etc. The artists and labels can now have access to adding extras to their albums now. a.m.: Now playing "It's Only Rock 'n Roll" by the Rolling Stones, also the title of the event per the invitation. Without that, I wouldn't be here without that person's generosity." a.m.: Today we're talking about music. You can check and uncheck which games or apps you want on the device. You can drag a song or series of songs from other authorized computers to your own library.

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As of today, the i Pod Touch is 9 for 8GB and 9 for 32GB. a.m.: Open GL ES 2.0 is also on the i Pod Touch now, so games are faster--except for the 9 version, which will not have that. a.m.: "Video has exploded in the last few years," he says.Riddim Ribbon is their new game built "especially for i Phone and i Pod Touch." It's a DJ game where you race down a rhythm of a song, Guitar Hero-style.You can remix the song by going different directions down the "ribbon." a.m.: Mark Hickey from Gameloft, one of the more prolific App Store game makers, is up.The update is listed as v1.0.4, and unlike i OS releases it can only be downloaded and installed via i Tunes.

The last separate Nano firmware update dates back to 2011, when the watch-like sixth-generation model was still available.

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