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25-Jul-2017 07:49

"Although politically-motivated viruses are on the rise, they are unlikely to spread as far as those that rely on the psychology of sex." Previous politically-motivated viruses include the Injustice worm (also known as VBS/Staple-A), which disseminated pro-Palestinian messages and spammed a number of Israeli Government email addresses.

Sophos reminds users that if they have updated their anti-virus protection and follow a policy of not opening unsolicited or suspicious attachments, worms and viruses such as Mawanella hold little threat.

However Sri Lankan men and women who migrate legally to work as laborers or housemaids to Middle Eastern countries find themselves in situations of involuntary servitude as they are faced with restricted movement and physical or sexual abuse.

According to Sri Lankas Foreign Employment Bureau, about one million Sri Lankans work abroad, of whom 60 percent are women.

Of these, 54 percent work as domestic workers and are subject to risks of abuse, sexual harassment and forced labor.

The story of the six young men started in Jaffna, eastern Sri Lanka, from where they were lured with promises of hotel jobs in Cyprus.

However, the Mawanella worm (also known as VBS/VBSWG-Z), named after a Muslim village, is yet another illustration of virus writers using malicious code as a political platform.

Sophos is committed to providing complete security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage, and use and that deliver the industry's lowest total cost of ownership.

"There are many young people who would jump at the chance of working in Europe.

It is better than being unemployed and poor at home," one of the young men, Francis Angelo, told the Sunday Nation.

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If launched, it then proceeds to forward itself to everyone in the user's address book.

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