See white guys dating black girls

03-Oct-2017 18:58

I find it very interesting, though, that white men are most reluctant to date black girls.

In fact, men in general are becoming more and more hesitant to court us.

I think white women have always been naturally attracted to Black Men but societal norms and mores unfairly confined marriage and sex to those who shared the same ethnic background.

That she belongs to a nationality, when she doesn't belong to anyone. She is her own self, a human being as all of us are, with choice to do whatever she desires.So, when sex entered my minds eye at too early an age, it was black boys that were available, abundant, interested, and attractive.I just simply experienced the same "boy-crazy" phase that most girls experience except that I was naturally interested in the boys that I lived with and played with.Even then, there are documented stories of white wives of slave owners who voluntarily and perhaps eagerly crossed those boundaries secretly.

Women are women and men are men - for the most part.

What you're feeling doesn't define the white girls or the black guys dating the white girls.

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