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The more difficult the target is, the more power and control they feel.Most adults can brush off the behaviors of a narcissist, but children are more vulnerable.In his mind, there is a clear distinction between the “woman of his life” (a saint) and the w****s that he is having sex with.

Marriage, monogamy, and child rearing are common activities sought after by the average person.Generally, there are two types of narcissists: the somatic narcissist (hyperactive sexually) and the cerebral narcissist (hypoactive sexually).The somatic narcissist gains his ‘narcissistic supply’ from other people’s reactions to his body via sexual conquests, bodybuilding, athletic abilities, competence in outdoor activities, or sometimes simply preening.They have ambiguous feelings towards the sexual act.

Generally, it is a means to an end and the act itself is meaningless, and provides no emotional connections.

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