My cup of tea dating

13-Aug-2017 04:37

’ instead of hello, we stand in shop queues for days on end (not actually complaining, just huffing), and we use posh words like ‘ghastly’ all the time.Oh, we also spend our evenings perched in our flowery armchairs drinking tea, maybe polished down with some scones or… When I think about it, maybe it’s more than a little true that we love tea. If there’s a British person who doesn’t like tea, you should be worried. Something is very wrong and you need to get to the root of the problem immediately. If you have 2 sugars or more, you’re probably the one that everyone talks about.My Cup of Tea Online Shop has chosen World Pay for maximum security during the payment process on the site.The company will take payment in pound sterling at the time of order, not the time of dispatch and the payment can be made by the following credit or debit cards - VISA, VISA DEBIT, VISA ELECTRON, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, MAESTRO and Paypal.

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I’d suggest lightly interrogating them about their hobbies and finding out if they have a Loyalty Card. If you have no sugars at all, everyone wants to be your friend because you are fearless. ‘I like big mugs and I cannot lie’, is meek and miserable when held up against Lionel Richie and, ‘is it tea you’re looking for?

However, if you do drink tea, you’ll be used to these questions… Drinking Lipton in the US might be fine, but let it be known that as soon as you cross that rather large pond and your foot touches down on British soil, things in the tea world have changed, my friend. A quick tip for all you tea rookies: splashing the milk in first is a massive school-boy error. ’ We’ve been infatuated with those little brown bags of joy for nearly four hundred years.

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