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“” The first time I ever heard Voddie,[12] I was hooked!

He is a solid preacher who’s specialty is family and cultural apologetics.

When he was asked what he had a lantern for, as he could not see the light, he said it was [so] people should not stumble over him. I’d never read anything by Barth, so this was my introduction.

“A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition” – Henry Miller. He struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide: “I was so depressed about the whole situation—I had all this money, all this fame, but I was really missing out on all the good stuff in life. We long for a selfless common good, a world in which everyone does what is best for all and is not so viciously and exclusively devoted to self-interest and tribal concerns. Why do we have these persistent deep longings that occasionally compel us to action and often leave us frustrated or disappointed? are in fact—by design—longings for the Trinitarian God of the Bible and a world that is a reflection of the Trinity….

My prayer is that Brian continues to follow hard and fast after Jesus Christ. The book grabbed me almost immediately, from the opening paragraphs of the first chapter: “Deep longings pervade the human heart. We long for unity within the great diversity of humanity, some means by which we can live in peace and oneness that benefits each of us.

As Welch talked about his life after being saved I became a bit uncomfortable as he seemed to rely a bit too much on feelings, dreams, visions, and impressions of God speaking to him. This systematic theology book was the textbook for the second semester of CBT (Center for Biblical Transformation) classes at our church.

And it didn’t look like I was ever going to get out.”[2] And then Welch met Jesus Christ.

Therefore the diversity of God the Father, Son, and Spirit is perfect unity as one God that communicates truthfully, loves unreservedly, lives connectedly, serves humbly, interacts peaceably, and serves selflessly.”[3] This book was really good on doctrine with the only exception being the section on the church where the authors, as with the Westminster Confession, suddenly seem to forget that doctrine is supposed to be based on the Bible and not manmade rules. And I’ve been working through this book for several years. I return to the basics by reading not only the Bible, but also some of the great preachers of the past, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Dwight L. If you can convince a man you love him, you have won his heart.

The basis for this book is the account of Peter healing a crippled beggar and the follow up events in Acts chapters 3 & 4.