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22-Oct-2017 05:00

My husband and I worked in our three photographic studios for 21 years and then when all of the children had married, we moved to the Outer Banks of NC where I opened and operated a bakery/restaurant for 14 years.more, then re-retired and began my work on the writing. (draped on kitchen chairs right now so won't wrinkle) and will attend to it after I get off here. I did a small batch of laundry and that is always gratifying. I finally got the new Jan Karon book from the library so I am reading that now. She put her picture on my phone as I open it and took off the morning glory picture. The next year, I bought another so they'd each have one. As I work now I am mentally planning once the gift wrapping is done I must do a grand tidy up looking at moving things around a bit, . Frances , the books sound like you are making progress and getting both in the right order. Leona sounds like the barn teardown and move is progressing well. A young man here was run over and killed because of drugs. I think arthritis has a lot to do with it too and the cold damp weather. Come check out this wonderful group, who are waiting for you with open arms. I am several days late in writing this introduction.

I have published three novels and a book of poetry and have one more novel on this computer and hope to finish the editing of in this winter. Sue Clutter cleaning is satisfying and I say that as I am looking at my messy desk. (may do some clutter cleaning) Dot I hope you are doing better and thanks for keeping my family in prayer. Leona, I agree with younger people know their computers. I find that when I do several small batches in the week rather than any large ones I keep it all clean daily and that is satisfying. Vahina,, sorry for the loss of your church member but 103 is certainly a great age to attain. I awoke at seven-thirty and so had a good night's sleep. Hoping everyone has a good day and that the sun comes back one more time before it snows! 8-19 Oklahoma, 11 years on Spark People2006 to 2017 Philippians 2:3-4 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. When I open it the first picture is the two dogs and next was the morning glories. Then their brother was born, and then 2 more grands, here in Virginia. I am up to my eyes in paper scissors and sticky tape . Is it going to be used as a new barn or remodelled into a house.? IMAGINEJOY wrote a message on the team wall today and reminded me. Hopefully she will give us her name when she writes to us. Isn't it great we have new members joining the team and writing messages. All the best, Dot A short reply today as it is getting late.

He forgot to tell me to make him so just got my peanuts out and will gook it 8 minutes or a little longer so it will be ready when he comes It has been just a bit cool today just long sleeve cool not jacket yet but maybe by Jan, we will get some cool weather got to run see you tomorrow Welcome new members...

I sure wish I had the energy you all seem to have, I did go out and do a tad of shopping.

I decided not to get another animal, I know longer wanted the responsibity of them. They seem to be coming every day and have to watch how I walk or move. I didn't go out any more than necessary with Hailley.

Chris battled cancer and died a little over a year ago. They're showing reruns this week, I think I only saw one that wasn't. Frances I just love that you do crafts with your Grandchildren... I didn't finish my bike yesterday as one was starting.

The butter crescent cookies are my friends' favorites and I make mounds of them too. Welcome again to our new friends who have joined us. I live in mid-NC and write novels and poetry to keep myself out of mischief.I do think they are a beautiful part of the Christmas decoration and I always have one here to play with.I am going to set up all my decor for Christmas during the first week of December as with Laura and family coming on the 19th, I want to have all in place in the first week and bake all of my goodies in the second week, probably to freeze most of them.Rainy wet and damp here, so nasty guess I should be thankful it is not snow, although I did snow a bit also, got my DTE Energy bill was more than I feel it should be since I am the only one here!

I am not a happy camper right now either, I'm so sorry to be so negative, :( Say, there, Kilean has done a wonderful job with the snow globe.

Francis, I agree, kids to day seem to be born with a knowledge of electronics.

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