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We later define a function ‘fruit_simple_form’ that builds the render array.This function is passed as an argument to the ‘drupal_get_form’ function in line 9. fruit_simple_form) passed to ‘drupal_get_form’ function will contain values submitted by form.The drupal_render() is the function that is eventually called to render page.This function can be called on specific parts of our build array(in our case, ‘example_form’ or ‘header_text’).So if we wanted to render the form before passing it to the page callback we could do: This would render the from and return to our page call back before all page is rendered.However, we want to retain the array structure of our page callback as long as possible, so the other modules can manipulate as long as they need to.c) Help Markup Field For situation when we want to add some info like a help info to the form without any input The highlighted line contains attribute ‘#type’ that specifies ‘markup’ for any time we want to add html directly to the form.The ‘#markup’ includes the html itself The state attribute tells the form what different actions is associated with different state Here, the highlighted lines makes the fieldset visible only if car input has selected value ‘yes’.

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The hook_block_configure is used to add additional fields to the block configuration form as following: Here, the field is taken from the form(i.e.*/ function fruit_simple_page() Here, the ‘fruit_simple_page’ returns the render array to our menu item with items that are going to be rendered to html page.