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At e Harmony, we know that life is a voyage of discovery.All of us have experiences along the way from which we learn and grow.The e Harmony personality test is the first step on your journey towards a new relationship based on an in-depth knowledge of yourself and what you need from a relationship.Your personality profile highlights your personal strengths and values.Dreamers can easily be taken advantage of by someone who enjoys their attention but isn't interested in being a partner.They can be highly critical of those they're not already emotionally invested in and see their crush as nearly perfect.These are the things that form the basis of our personality, for which we yearn to be appreciated and loved.It is our unique combination of experiences and personality that forms the key dimensions of compatibility and determines the success of our future relationships.

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The questions are divided into sections, and come with helpful hints and prompts to guide you through.

If you haven’t had a chance, take the Myers-Briggs® personality test and once you have your results, find your personality on the infographic below!

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